Monday, February 2, 2015

Blog Bus Idea - By Saed Karzoun

BlogBus is one of Saed's idea. The BlogBuss Social media platform is an interactive platform gathering the tweets and the posts of bloggers to share and exchange information and ideas among the virtual communities. 

Summary of the project :
The project aims to build a platform for Palestinian bloggers, journalists and social media activists to publish their blogs through linking the platform to a data hub that collects, analyzes, and disseminates data. The project seeks to connect traditional and non-traditional media outlets through online means of information dissemination. Furthermore, the project’s main activity is to bring together a group of bloggers and media experts for a visit (in a bus) to a specific location in the West Bank; 10 visits shall be organized over a period of 10 months. Each person on the bus will have the freedom to cover any story from the selected location; however, the participants will be provided with one unified theme for their stories; the subjects may include: youth concerns, women issues, unemployment, political and social struggles, or any other issue to be selected by the project team. Participants shall be trained on how to use digital and social media tools during the project to publish their blogs during their visits to locations in the West Bank in one Bus.

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